Saturday, November 26, 2011

Save my Saturday!

When the school week is over, the kids are antsy because its too cold to go outside or raining again! The rain here is enough to make you crazy I thought I moved to Small town Ohio not Seattle lol. The kids need something to do and mom, well lets face it, It's a day of rest. I always try to plan something out of the norm. I wish I had pics to go along with this post but we where so busy having fun I never got the camera out.

I bought Lego's for the first time on Black Friday. A big huge kit and it makes me nervous having a puppy in the house and a 3 year old who loves to put stuff down the heating vents lol. But we needed something new.

The kit we got contained 1,600 pieces. for $30 at walmart. This is a whole new world for my girls but my husband and I had countless hours of fun playing with them when we where kids. I wanted to try to make it a touch educational I took some small clear plastic cups and let each girl scoop a cup of Lego's and the challenge was to use all the Lego's in your cup to make something cool. My oldest made robots, My middle girl made hotels, and my 2nd youngest made a family. I was surprised how well they did. The second challenge was using 2 colors only I divided colors up in the cups and gave each of them 2 colors. This time we got a family on a boat, a bathroom, and a map.

Getting Lego's was a big step for our crew and while I still cringe every time I hear one hit our hardwood floors. It totally "saved my Saturday"

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