Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Frist of all, I want to make it clear that this is for entertainment purposes only in the spirit of my own sense of humor. While I realize it could make me sound ungrateful It was a conversation between my husband and I that led to this list. Based on some of the terrible gifts we have given each other, given to others, or that family has given us over our 11 Christmas' together.

So without further ado the top ten worst Christmas gifts ever.

10. Fruit Cake
9. Ugly Christmas Sweaters
8. Make your own ___________Kit
7. Gift cards to places that are not local
6. Clothes that don’t fit
5. Chia Pet
4. Memberships to places you will never go
3. ___________of the month club
2. Books or Music that do not interest you in the slightest
1. Christmas themed items that you will be packing up the following week because you can’t enjoy it till next year.

Number 1 always gets me. I refuse to buy a Christmas themed item and give it to someone on Christmas day. I always feel like why give something to someone that they can't enjoy year round. I'm not talking about an ornament or something sentimental but please don't give me a potholder with a Christmas tree on it, I'm not going to see it again for another 360 days. Please tell me I'm not alone on that one lol.


  1. I think someone forgot that they once gave me halloween socks for Christmas...

  2. I'm all for memberships and "blank" of the month club things when it pertains to something I like. I feel you on #1 though. I'm guilty of it...but then I think "WHY did I just give that?!"

  3. Wow, Michelle I don't remember that at all, I must of bought them for you for Halloween and forgot to give them to you or something lol... better question would be what grade was I in and do you still have them lol.