Saturday, December 3, 2011

Save My Saturday

This Saturday is kinda a dud. My husband is working 3-11 so My Saturday needs some saving for sure. I don't know what it is about Saturdays that make the kids nuts. The school week is done, Chores are done(ish), and now They need an activity or it will be wrestle mania in my living room. Yes, Moms of all boys girls rough house and wrestle too lol. We need a way to get all the energy out. It's a little too cold to go outside without a an hour bundle up-a-thon which lets face it defeats the purpose of a restful Saturday. So indoor obstacle course it is. Now we have a decent sized house and I don't have many breakables so I allow jogging/ruining for this at their own risk. I set a timer on my ipod and I give them each a color of ruberbands, this is how we mark that they went to each spot in the course, they also have to retrieve certain items.
Todays course looked something like this.
Start at the front door
tag the back door (hang your band on the door knob)
give the dog a treat
hop scotch across the living room (we have a hop scotch carpet)
Go to the bathroom and get a roll of toilet paper
Get a pencil from the schoolroom
put the in your hand above your head and put the toilet paper on the pencil
hopscotch back across the living room
put the pencil and toilet paper away
tag your bedroom door
tag the mailbox
tag mom
and your done.
I do call out the steps as they go as that is a lot to remember
then we see who had the best time. It's pretty funny too because the dog usually chases them and the 3 year old is very territorial with the hopscotch carpet so they have those little obstacle too lol. We may do a few more courses after wards or sometimes they ask to do the same one again to try to get a better time.


  1. That sounds like fun! I should do something like that for the kids this winter after we've been shut in for a while.

  2. Cute idea for a cold, rainy day!

  3. Sounds like a fun way to burn off excess energy!