Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a week...

A wild week at home indeed. To busy to even blog. The fun started Saturday when we realized we had an unusual amount of water in out basement. Now we generally have some water due to our house being really old, and all the rain we have had. It was really bad this time though. We spent most of Saturday (late evening) cleaning the basement sucking up water and dumping it, using the squeegee, bleaching etc. The good news is we didn't lose much as we know it floods and we are the cautious type. Now if you have a really old house like ours you don't just get water you get mud and muck. Oh it was certainly one for that TV show "Dirty Jobs" we where such a mess. I sent my husband off to the shower first. While me and my oldest finished up, Then utoh.... its a pluming issue all the shower water went right back onto the basement floor. NOOOOO oh I was mad. We where doing a big basement cleaning as we where having issues with our dryer and wanted to clean up to get the new vents done. We where also having the gas company out on Monday to move our indoor meter outside. That little project has been the death of me they have been working on the lines since September and countless times we had no gas and our yard dug up several times. My foyer looks like it went mudding on a daily basis as our yard is mostly mud and gravel at this point. So they finally get everything moved and are ready to turn the lines back on just to tell us they have to turn it out apparently our furnace has a gas leak. Like "sorry but your house might explode" oh joy. We finally get the plumber, heating people etc. all over at once. My basement looked like a village people Reunion. I spent most of the day keeping water away from the gas people waiting for the plumber. Clean up after the line was fixed was pretty easy it all sucked down the drain. I just had to bleach some more. Now the good news here is that My furnace is fixed and wont explode, My basement is the cleanest it could ever possibly be, and my dryer actually drys clothes now. I have been in laundry heaven. The basement is also dry enough that the kids can ride their scooters inside. So after much stress God brought us right on through it. He protected us from the gas leak and put all the right people in place to get all the work done on one day with not to much trouble. I still have a lot of little things that need done amazing how when you cant use your water for a few days because you don't want to flood the basement over and over again can make the mom work pileup. So hopefully next week I will be blogging a bit more.

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